Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet the mojo

This project starts with the awakening of my mojo. 

No, comic book nerds, not this evil, snarley Mojo.

(Although I do believe the children are our future if we teach them well and let them lead the way, RIP Whitney.)

No, much nerdier than that. I'm talking about journalism jargon. Mojo is Nerdspeak for "mobile journalist." But before you immediately write me off for jargoning all over your face, check out this dose of street cred (literally):

This, my friendly readers and Mom who reads everything I write, is the mojo's office.
So is this:

And this, if you will.

Minus the sleeping on the bench part.

The most basic lesson No. 1 is this: A mojo's office is magnetized to whatever is the coolest and most compelling thing in town.

At least that's where I'm starting.

Of course, I expect that some day real futuristic journalists will look back on this experiment and smile sweetly, in the same way that I view this video on fashion in the year 2000: Very amusing and short video of how people in the '30s thought we would dress today.

Update: Immediately after I published this blog, we got a case of this sent to the newsroom. Coincidence?

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