Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here Be Monsters: Behind the scenes of an independent radio show

How I reported this:
* I recorded the interview on my iPad using the standard camera.
* I filmed him recording his show with my iPad.
* I downloaded his final broadcast from the Web and used the audio file, interspersed with his life recording.
* I edited in iMovie on my Macbook Pro. (The basic iMovie app for the iPad is only sufficient for very basic edits. I have actually never found it useful. A waste of money.)
* CGs from iMovie.
* Water sound effect from iMovie. This is controversial from a journalism perspective. Purists would say I should only use the original audio from his broadcast. What do you think?
* The music is the original audio from his broadcast.

* Very low lighting in his basement bedroom with minimal natural light.
* No mic on the iPad. (Need to invest in one.) He was a soft speaker.
* Essentially, I was filming a guy working on his computer. The task became: How to make that visually enticing?
- Uncomfortable black screens with the audio from underwater.
- Weird, long, silent pauses

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