Thursday, August 9, 2012

Newsflash: People hate Facebook

Clarification: Sarcastic newsflash. Because we know that people hate Facebook. But not enough to stop using it or do anything about it. Sort of like how I hate an overfilled trash can but it's my husband's job to take out the trash, so I keep stacking Cheerio boxes on top like trash Jenga.

Our love-hate affair with FB never bothered me until recently, when I was trying to put together a Features Community Advisory Group, an unofficial crew of people in the community repping various fields, who I asked to communicate directly to me as a way of improving our coverage.

I had decided to run this group through FB, to make it as easy to remember and do as humanly possible. I got the idea when several event-planning committees did this and it worked great, as a way of sharing lots of info without having to log into yet another portal, and remember to update it, and yada yada waaaa. It worked before, so why wouldn't it work this time?

Well, let me tell you.

Here are the reasons, so far.

1. I got a great response, and narrowed it down to five people. Two of these people turned it down because they didn't want to be involved with FB.

2. I couldn't start the group through my work FB page because it's just a "fan" page (PS, isn't that the most egocentric thing ever to say?) and you can't moderate groups through fan pages. So I had to run it through my personal FB page, which is under a different name. I explained it and changed my privacy settings so the community people didn't have to see the 10,000 photos of my ADORABLE daughter that I upload constantly, but...

3. I can't figure out how to change the privacy settings on my Instagram and mobile uploads so they exclude this group of people. Then there are these random posts from my past that I can't figure out how to limit access to, and suddenly there is a ton of my personal info out there. This doesn't exactly matter, because I do write a column about highly personal stuff, anyway, but I fear it affects the professionalism of what I am trying to do. Plus, I've wasted a stupid amount of time changing settings on FB and it didn't really work. (Any tips are welcome, please.)

So what to do?
I will continue to try this out for a few weeks and see if it works.
I am already doubting it is the best space for a virtual meeting.
Does anyone have any suggestions about better places to do something like this that are super easy and convenient?

The new Daily Camera Features Advisory Board group... in progress

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