Friday, August 10, 2012

Time traveling with technology

It's the Pearl Street Mall's 35th birthday. In celebration, I wrote a column about walking down the mall one morning, my own sort of "walking tour" where I visited the new shops and the places I've always wanted to go, and talked to the interesting people I encountered.

Here's the story:

I also tracked down some old photos from the Carnegie Branch of the Boulder Public Library. I put together a fun little then-and-now slideshow of buildings in 1986 and today. (I wanted to find pics from 1977, when the mall opened, but this was as far back as I could find with good quality.)

I always enjoy comparison shots, whether they're before-and-after or then-and-nows. I especially like comparing the cars and clothes. I can't believe how old 1986 looks.

Same lamp post. The world before Ozo.

Mmm, Pasta Jay's. I wonder if the mall always smelled like garlic?

Before Billabong, there were apparently old-lady dresses for sale next to the bookstore.

Not much has changed here.

The Boulder Cafe. Special appearance by the kiddie choo-choo. 

Falafel King and its new fonts.

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