Friday, August 17, 2012

Want to know the best place for a mojo to work?

Sure, it's fun working in coffee shops and malls and bars (yeah, I've done it). It's entertaining to station at the farmer's market or try to write live from a concert.

But my favorite place to work remotely continues to be (drumroll please... excessive suspense...) the library.

University of Colorado library in Boulder.

Yes, those still exist. So do newspapers. Jerk.

Seriously though. Tons of people still frequent the library, so you can still be in the community and meet new people (especially if you announce your presence in the paper/online and invite people to stop by), but the library has several things other public gathering places lack:

1. Free access. You do not have to buy something to be here.
2. Free and reliable wifi. So you do not have to ask the 77-year-old barista or resident stoner about your tech problems.
3. Relative quiet, so you can actually focus, write and create without earmuffing out the too-loud Radiohead Pandora station.
4. Information. Oh yeah, there is actually stuff in those books, such as for example EVERYTHING you could ever need to know for any story or pursuit.
5. Free printers. (At most libraries.)
6. Back-up computers you can rent in case yours freaks out.
7. Space.  I have found ample desk space at every library I've worked at. No need to share your table or worry about a plug-in. I have never had trouble finding one in the libraries around Boulder County.

No coffee shop has ever had this much workspace available. Thank you, CU library.

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