Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking for a new way to tell a features profile?

I was looking for a new way to tell a features profile story, so I decided to experiment with a nontraditional news video.

This is the story of Nama Illo, a local man with HIV. 
In this 3:30-minute (yes, long!) narrative-style video, I incorporate the following storytelling elements: 
* An audio recording of Illo reciting something he wrote
* Six videos of his various performances
* Seven photo stills of him
* Nine pieces of his artwork
* CG pull quotes
* The music of one of his performances

The challenges of making this video:
* Downloading his performances from Youtube and transferring them into files I could use in iMovie
* Staying patient enough to put so many puzzle pieces together (via a lot of trial and error, because I'm still learning iMovie)
* Trying to keep up the storytelling momentum of a video that is significantly longer than standard news videos 
* Telling his story without using my voice, paraphrasing or summaries 
* Figuring out how to express a complex topic, including explaining the fact that all of these very different costumes are the same person 

This video will run on our website alongside a Q&A with him tomorrow, so it is not just an isolated video, although I hope I made it strong enough to stand alone, too.

I'd love your feedback on what I could have done better so I can continue to push the definition of features reporting. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Aimee, I love this video as it also goes much deeper than the printed word. You learn about how this person is just like anyone else of us, his values, his life-style and his such positive attitude. The first part involved creating the character, then the message. Very cool and more than simply reporting. My only suggestion is the sound mix. You alluded to some challenges that are associated with doing such journalism, and i'm sure there exists something. It gets down to cost. But overall, Excellent work, as usual. I've always said that in your articles you "paint word art." Now, I'm seeing another side of your journalist gift; that being now to also expand it into another media! Great work, my Love.
    Papa Frog