Friday, October 12, 2012

Polls are simple and kind of awesome

I am into polls.
They are a journalist's friend. They are easy to create and they make it easy for readers to participate.

Here are some ways I have used polls lately:

1. To check in with my features advisory board, and to plan meetings: 

Click on images to enlarge them.
Used: Facebook polls in a private group.

2. To get reader input on which articles I should submit to journalism contests: 
Used: because I needed to include external links.
And yes, in the left column there is a picture of me with a foam sword and shield. Deal with it.
Oh, and in case you are wondering which story won (by 80 percent of the meager number of votes), it's "The Go-Nowhere Generation." 

3. For content for an article. This helped me write a fall fashion trends 2012 story (and also make wardrobe priorities):
Used: Pollcode, linking to my Pinterest.

Note: What programs do you use for making surveys online? I don't think Pollcode is perfect, but it works, is free and is simple. I am looking for a free survey that allows you to add pictures and hyperlinks that open in a new window. Know of any?

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