Friday, October 26, 2012

The basic writing/reporting apps to invest in

There are more than 60,000 apps in the Apple store.
You are busy.
Let me help you.

Here are the apps that I use on a regular basis for mobile writing, reporting and organizing :

My life revolves around this app. It has become the center of all of my interviews. I don't use paper anymore, I am significantly more efficient and I am 100 percent accurate. No room for error. Costs 99 cents.
How to use it:  Open a new file and record your interview. Use your stylus to jot down a sort of timeline/outline of your conversation, noting keywords/topics and their corresponding time on the recording. Insert photos, as needed. Instead of copying the text from a handout, take a photo of it. Highlight things. When you sit down to write the story, you can just follow your outline and find the exact quotes and information you need -- and transcribe the quotes directly from the recording. No one can ever claim to be misquoted again.
Beware of: The sensitive mic, if you are in a loud room, windy field or if you move around a lot or accidentally cover the mic.

Free. Great for consolidating info from social networks, websites and live tweets into one story. This should be standard mojo equipment. However, I have found the iPad app obnoxiously plagued with problems, so I do most of my Storify creating on a laptop.

Other helpful apps to have on your iPad:
Dropbox for sharing files with others and between machines.
Simple sticky notes or a notepad for basic notes
All social network apps: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr.
HootSuite to schedule both Facebook and Twitter posts. Problem: When you upload pictures here, they do not automatically populate into your Twitter photo feed or your Facebook photos. Instead, they go to an external owl.y site. This kind of sucks.
Tweetdeck schedules tweets and allows your uploaded pics to populate your Twitter photo feed, if that is important to you.
Skype for virtual meetings and interviews.
Photo Slideshow Director.

Apps I have downloaded, played with and never actually needed on the job (yet) (maybe never):
Dragon Dictation

What apps do you use?

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