Friday, October 26, 2012

What weird things can you find in your office? Slideshow version.

I have been looking for an easy way to make an automated slideshow of photos.

In the past, I have used Storify (add /slideshow at the end of the URL), like this.

But Storify slideshow is not automated, you can't add CGs/an intro, and I have had problems with the text not showing up right. You can't add music (not that you usually need to), you can't upload it to Youtube or Brightcove. Basically, it's pretty limited.

I decided to play around with the app Photo Slideshow Director instead.

Here's how it went down: 

My subject: Weird stuff that journalists keep around the newsroom.
My method of reporting: iPhone and Photo Slideshow Director. Uploaded to Youtube.
How it works: The entire creation process take a few minutes -- potentially seconds, if you know exactly what pictures you want. You open a new project, select pictures and upload directly to Youtube, Facebook, your album or other social networks. Optional: Add text, add music. You can add music from your own iTunes, but if it has copyright and you want to upload the project publicly, the app gives you a (very small) selection of songs to choose from that are free and public to use.

- This is very basic. If you want to get fancy, go with iMovie.
- Costs $3.99. Haven't found any free apps that actually work well for this purpose, but I feel like this app is worth about 99 cents. Let's be realistic. It doesn't do much.
- Very slow upload to Youtube (about 10 minutes).

- Great for the journalist strapped for time who wants an automated slideshow.
- It can't get easier.
- Protects you from copyright infringement.
- Option to add text over photos, or at least make an intro screen.
- Easy upload directly to social networks.

Here's the result of my first slideshow:


On that note, what weird stuff can you find in your office?


  1. Truly some of this stuff is weird, yet don't under-estimate the psycho-analytics behind each object. While some may be random, like when HP gave me an HP mug (bfd), vice a totally bent up spoon that my son bent at some Alien conference years ago. Also, speaking of aliens beings, I've found that their weird stuff on their desks are much more colorful and full of art. Just an observation of some HP dudes I worked with. Aliens.

  2. Try animoto :). It's pretty easy & can be uploaded to youtube.

    1. Thanks, Misty! I have tried it but I found it a little wild for my needs. Or maybe I'm a little too wild?