Friday, November 30, 2012

Carving out time for creativity

The holidays are quite the doozy. With coworkers being gone, schedules being wonky (what's up with my word choices today?) and an inevitable increased workload,  creative thinking and finding inspiration often has to become a conscious choice.  

That's why I didn't mess around today. I went straight for the source of inspiration. The dealer. The drip line. Michelle Welsch, from New York (http://projectexponential.com She has worked alongside Seth Godin and also curated hundreds of events for Social Media Week. Lucky for me, she happened to be in Boulder today. 

"Someone will change your world," she says. She specializes in strategically bringing the right people together at meaningful events to spark inspiration, ideas, change, connection. I think this is more meaningful than ever in the digital age. 

She encouraged me to check out some local entrepreneur meet-ups. This is not something journalists normally do because, well, I'm not trying to start a new business. 

Yet -- I am trying to help reinvent one, right? 

It can't hurt to surround myself with creative thinkers and talk to them about the future of journalism. As my experiment with the Features Community Advisory Board begins to fade out, this may be my next source of information and community connection. 

Beyond that, here is a fun two-part package I created by connecting my fitness column with an entertainment profile. 

A burlesque revolution

Workout of the week: Sexylesque 

A big video project was sparked out of this coverage, and I've been working closely with a photographer on it. It's scheduled for release in February, followed by plans for a full-length documentary. I've been helping the photographer work on photo angles and lighting. 

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