Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting on the Google+ train

I've held off longer than a middle-schooler breaking up with MySpace in 2007, purely because I didn't want to manage yet another portal, and I didn't know many people actively using it. But finally, I joined Google+. 

The reasons: 
* If you promote your stories on Google+, it feeds the hungry Google alligators and they push your stories up higher in the Google search engine.
* I have discovered some great journalism communities (or groups). I have subscribed to my favorite feeds to be sent to my inbox, and I feel like I opened up a whole new world of information and education.
Here are my current favorite j-nerd groups on Google+: 

Journalism and social media:
"A place to discuss trends and tips in social media and journalism."  Topics this week: The end of the print version of Newsweek, Instagram's terms of service that have everyone freaking out, good digital storytelling. 

Social journalism: 
"A place to share ideas and discuss how social media can help - or hinder - journalism and how can it help us tell better stories." 
Topics this week: Creating timelines, crowdsourcing. 

 JournoTech: Tools, apps and and tips for journalists:
"JournoTech is all about sharing tips, tools, apps and ideas for journalists, journalism educators, and storytellers of all kinds." 
Topics this week: Predictions for 2013, the Leap Motion device, the simplest way to create a timeline, Pinterest for new media.   
Check out: New Models for News:  

What Google+ communities do you follow?  Know any other good new media Pinterest boards?  

Make sure you check out my Modern Journalism Pinterest board, too:

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