Friday, December 28, 2012

Spicynodes: A visual spin on storytelling - Rated B-

I don't know what Spicynodes are, but I would probably eat them. I would also probably play with them again to tell a story in a unique, visual way.

I recently wrote an Up Close profile of a local artist, Alex Cutler.

Alex Cutler looks quite at home during his first art show a year ago.
(Jon Hill /Courtesy photo)

I'm a raging fan of pull quotes, Tumblr quotes and even sometimes (yeah, I said it) memes. Sometimes. Grumpy Cat memes. Obviously.

So I thought the free and super easy-to-use Spicynodes would be a fun way to highlight some of the quotes from the article.

The Up Close profiles include a series of Q&As, which makes this news feature ideal for a bunch of node bubbles.

What I used:
What I liked: Free options, easy, looks different, a variety of styles to choose from.
What I didn't like: Couldn't figure out how to upload pics. In theory, you can upload pics and videos, but I tried all day and it didn't work. I will revisit this.

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