Friday, December 14, 2012

Thinglink: Storytelling with an interactive photo - Rated A

So, there's this house: 8 Lincoln Place in Longmont. You gotta see it in person to believe what happens here every Christmas. Hundreds of decorations. Maybe thousands. Maybe millions. It's so intense, and a single photo just doesn't begin to express the level of Santaplosion.

I was going to make a video to try to capture the spirit. But instead, I decided to make a video, and another, and another, and a photo slideshow, and a day/night photo -- and before I knew it, I had gotten quite carried away with spirit myself and had put together an interactive photo of the house.

It's a wild trip. I think it tells the story in a way not even a video could do; because a video with all of this info would last like 10 minutes long.

What I used:

How I did it: I took tons of photos and videos of the house. I edited the videos in iMovie on my Mac and uploaded them to Youtube. I uploaded the photos to Flickr (because you attach them to the photo with links).

The website is totally self-explanatory and intuitive. You "edit" a photo and simply click where you want a button. It pulls up a box for a description and a link. Add both, click save, done. You can also add audio files.

Tips: It can take a long time to upload everything onto Youtube and Flickr, so do that before you start making the photo. Once all of the elements you want to include on your photo are online with some sort of link attached to them, then sit down and start attaching them to the photo. This will save time.

Here is a link to the full story, with the interactive photo at the bottom. I'll paste the photo here, too. Click away! Consider this my holiday gift to you and the universe. (I'm cheap; the website is free.)

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