Saturday, December 8, 2012

Up close: A way to give more local artists a voice

One of the regular features that I launched with my IdeaLab project is called Up Close (used to be called A&E Q&A, but that just got annoying to say).

What is it: A profile of an interesting arts or entertainment person in the community that we have not covered before or might not otherwise be able to write about.

Why: To improve coverage of our arts and entertainment sector -- and introduce the community to some super interesting people.

How: We don't limit this feature to a specific format. Depending on the interview, subject and topic, it might be a narrative, a Q&A or a traditional news story. Some have videos, some have photos slideshows, links, to-go boxes, a studio portrait, an action shot -- we try to keep this feature flexible, so it's always fun and able to tell the story in the best way possible.

How it's working: I don't know how we covered arts and entertainment without this feature. I have been able to include so much more information and really widen our reach. This should be a staple in our newspaper for years to come.

Here are some recent examples of Up Close profiles. 

Narrative intro with Q&A, to-go box and on-site portrait (interview on phone)
Where love and art intersect

More traditional features narrative:
She's helping spur a burlesque revolution

Q&A with video, action photo (interview in person using Notability):
Ex-busker is future of dance

Video below: Edited in iMovie, using b&w filter for style.

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