Monday, April 22, 2013

Add a watermark to your pics with Marksta: Rated B

This app might appeal more to pro photographers, but it has potential to benefit journalists/newspapers, too. Marksta is a nifty app that allows you to easily add a watermark and add a copyright notice to your photos before posting them online.

Why would a newspaper do this? Oh, I don't know -- copyright issues, to starters. Getting credit. preserving your work. Especially with social media, so many photos are lifted and reused without permission or proper credit these days. Marksta won't prevent the intentional cropping out of a watermark, but it makes it harder to steal images.

Cost: $1.99, which is pretty high for an app. I would rate this app higher if it were cheaper.

Here are some examples of what Marksta can do for your photos.

Original image, taken with my iPhone out the window of my car in a snowstorm, as I sit in the parking lot working, before my next appointment. Don't ask; I don't want to have to buy another coffee to get in a hour of mobile work.

Image 2, using a cropped version of the logo from my blog -- obv not designed to be a watermark. 

Image 3, created in about 30 seconds using some of the Marksta presets. 

Image 4, also using Marksta presets. Super easy to do -- and try to crop this sucker out, thieves! OK, don't. 

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