Friday, April 19, 2013

My new favorite photo app: Camera+: Rated A

You know this app is solid when our chief staff photographer recommended it to a reporter, who is also a professional portrait photographer (who doesn't have second jobs around here?). That's a lot of photocred. 

What it is: Camera+ is my new go-to photo app for my iPhone. My favorite feature is the ability to separate exposure from focus. This allows you to control how light or dark your shots come out, while maintaining the focus.

Take this photo taken at Starbucks, below: a screenshot photo of my computer taken with a bright window background. 

Here is an example of the same shot of my coworkers disaster-scene desk with a bright window background.
1. Without moving the exposure button.
2. With moving it to overexpose.
3. With moving it somewhere in the middle.
No other editing was done.

In addition, Camera+ offers: 
- A stabilizer to steady your phone (never turn it off) 
- A timer (for those sexy self-ports you need for your Facebook page) 
- A "burst" option, which takes a rapid stream of shots to capture action. 
- A digital zoom 
- Tons of filters - way better than Instagram; yeah, I said it. 
- A flashlight 
- A grid for composition 
- A one-tap "clarity" option, which I also use on every photo.
- You can also do all sorts of fancy stuff, like adjust white balance and tone, but now I'm starting to get overwhelmed. The point is, this is a great app for all levels of photo experience. 

Cost: 99 cents. 

The  downside: There is this other app out there called Camera Plus (spelled out). The icon looks similar and it also costs 99 cents. However, it doesn't separate focus and exposure. After trying to figure out how for four days, I realized I had the wrong app. Below: A photo of NOT Camera+. Don't worry about my Baby DressUp app. DON'T JUDGE ME; I'M A MOM. (See my cute kid? And my 18 unread emails? And how I'm working at 9:25 p.m.?) 

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