Monday, April 22, 2013

CP-Pro for quick video editing: Rated B+

Lately, I've been schmoozing with other smart journalists, and stealing their ideas and tips to make myself look better. And then I can share it with you, and then you can look better. It's win-win-win-win-win, really.

Last week, I sat down with Whitney Bryen of the Longmont Times-Call. She's been leading the new technology/digital first efforts on the east side of Boulder County. We shared a plate of guac and chips and shared our favorite apps, tricks and ideas for how to enhance our reporting.

Here are two apps I learned about from her and why they're worth your time and money.


Cost: $1.99

Why it could possibly be worth SO much money: Busy journos don't always have time to sit down with iMovie and edit a full video, with 19 different clips. This super simple app allows you to record a series of video clips in a row -- in other words, edit as you go. If you make a mistake, you can even go back and edit a clip and remove a section.

Other features: Filters, grids, focus lock -- the list goes on. You can do a lot with this guy.

Downsides: I couldn't figure out how to make an intro graphic, so I had to take a photo and make a quick intro graphic using Phonto (an app that allows you to easily add text to an image), and then I inserted that at the beginning of my clip. Not a big deal, and maybe there is a way to do this with CP-Pro but I couldn't figure it out quickly enough for my attention span.

My CP-Pro creation:
I ran this with a story about a new Pearl Street shop called Retail Therapy.
Tip: Making an edit-as-you-go video does require an equal amount of planning as spontaneity -- as well as a source who is willing to play along (or a reporter well spoken enough to do it herself).

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