Thursday, April 25, 2013

DFM's Digital Engagement workshop: Interactive images 101

I will be doing a presentation about interactive images at the Digital First Media's engagement workshop in Denver next week. Here is a glimpse at what I'll be sharing. I hope you come and ask me questions and share your ideas.

A rough estimate indicates there are 900 zillion new toys, apps, gadgets, website and ways to tell a story. The pressure to know and use them all scares many journalists away from trying. And it's no wonder. Our jobs have never demanded more work of us with fewer resources and a smaller staff.

But, if approached with focus, knowledge and strategy, "new media" can make your job easier. It can save you time. And it can provide new outlets for job satisfaction and achievement.

Creating interactive images is a fun, creative and easy-easy-easy way to spice up a story. They look much harder to make than they actually are.

My three favorite types of interactive images are below:


Ways to use Thinglink: 

Adjust the size of the image to fit your page, or it'll blow up your website. 
It can take a while to upload all videos to Youtube. 
You must upload your photos to another hosting site, like Flickr.
You can view these images just find on your iPhone, and readers don't need to navigate away from your site.


Ways to use Prezi: 

You have to buy a monthly membership if you want to use Prezi regularly. 
Upload videos to Youtube to embed on Prezi.
Big Prezi projects may load slowly on some computers.
Download the free Prezi app on your iPhone. 


Ways to use NewHive:
To drive external traffic to your site
For profiles with audio, videos, photos and links
For virtual tours
For a horizontally (or vertically) scrolling interactive page (behind the scenes) -- or both.

Use preset layouts or make your own.
Upload high-quality photos as the background.
Could make more extensive.
Take a screen shot of your page as a jpg for the website, because the embedded images distort, audio doesn't play and sometimes videos don't show up. This means readers must navigate off your website to explore the image. The embeds are getting better, though, with promises to improve.
Images don't look right on your iPhone.

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