Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Glogster: Because I like the name: Rated C-

I played with Glogster today, mostly because I like the name.
It's actually for students, so I had to pull out my metaphorical fake student ID and remember how old I actually am.

Glogster's designed as a way to help students (and teachers) organize paperwork and assignments visually.
I picked a pre-designed page and turned it into a little display of my favorite journalism tools.
All in all, it looks neat -- but it's nothing I couldn't do on my own on NewHive. And it's easier to add hyperlinks on NewHive. Every time I tried to add one here, it failed. And the image uploads took too long.

That's why I only rate it a pretty lame C-. It's easily replaceable and took more effort than I think it was worth.

Regardless, Glogster is a thing and yet another way to organize information visually online.
Try it yourself. Maybe you'll love glogging. Maybe I'm too old for it.

Check out my Glogster here:

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  1. Hi Lois Lane,

    We'd like to clarify that, our sister platform, is a public social/creative network. Glogster EDU at is our platform for Educators and Students, and it involves other cool tools for organization like Projects, Portfolios and Presentations, among other features. You do not need to be a student to register at, but should be a teacher or student to register at Glogster EDU. Nevertheless, we welcome you to register with a trail account in case you would care to write more about the platform.

    Lloyd with the Glogster Team