Friday, April 26, 2013

So you want to be a journalist?

Alyssa wants to be a journalist when she grows up. 
I tried but cannot convince her otherwise. 

She came with me to work on Thursday and helped me report a story. I showed her how I use my iPad to record interviews, and she even contributed some questions. One of the main things I wanted to instill in her is the crucial balance between being prepared yet flexible:

* I knew all of the background information possible on the topic when we arrived, but I did not prepare questions, because I wanted to let the conversation guide itself naturally. 

* I had a vision for how my final interactive graphic would look, and I edited/deleted my photos as I went along. I knew I wanted one photo and one video of each performer, and I deleted everything extra, to speed up my editing process back at the office. It ended up taking me one hour to put together a pretty extensive interactive photo, including dowloading/uploading time. 

* In the name of efficiency, during our short drive back to the office, we talked about the interviews and brainstormed a general outline for how the story would flow. This allowed me to sit down and immediately start writing, knowing my focus, lead and general angle. I already had pre-created the go-box and any other elements of the package that I could, because I knew I would only have one hour to put the story together.  

As we watched the Frequent Flyers' rehearsal for their upcoming circus show, Alyssa helped me take pictures (with her iPod), and when we got back to the office, she put them into a Cincopa slideshow, complete with cutlines. 

Her mom arrived to pick her up before she was done, and so she brought it home to finish -- true journalist style. 

Her finished project, untouched by me, is below: 

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