Monday, April 22, 2013

Vine videos: Rated B

Here's about the easiest way to create and share short video clips of events. Vine reminds me of Instagram, but for very short, looped videos. As a mobile journalist, I like to take pics of the places I go and post them on Instagram/Twitter, so people in the area know I'm around. Now I'm mixing it up with Vine, too.

How it works: Download the free app. Click the camera icon. Then touch/hold down the screen as long as you want it to record. The length of your video is pre-determined, and best to pick a few short scenes for your clip. Then add a location, title and share.


Why it's useful: It captures a little more of the scene than just a photo, and is especially useful for action, such as this Vine clip of my daughter playing ball in the Dollar Tree (oopsie).

The downside: This is not a substitute for high-quality videos of events. Also, the loop concept is cool, but takes some getting used to. Finally, if you mess up a clip halfway through your video, you cannot go back and delete it. I have also found that my Vine clips appear more wobbly than my regular videos. Maybe it's just my overwhelming excitement. The app could benefit from a stabilizer option (or I could benefit from drinking less coffee; note how many of my recent Vines are at coffee shops).

Here are some more of my recent Vines.

My mobile newsroom in Starbucks.

The Erie Rec Center.
My mobile office this morning: Amante Uptown.

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