Friday, May 24, 2013

Newsroom workshop on interactive graphics

A few weeks ago, I ran two workshops for the Daily Camera and Colorado Daily on how to incorporate interactive graphics into your stories. First, I talked to reporters and editors. Then, I talked to designers.

Here are some things that came out of the workshops:
* It seemed like Prezi was a favorite, but NewHive was less intimidating.
* We can't embed the videos that our photo department uploads to Brightcove -- only YouTube. In some cases, this may mean an extra step of uploading to YouTube. I'm hoping some of these apps will consider expanding to other video hosting sites, too.

Several reporters have already made their own interactive graphics, like this one by Colorado Daily outdoor reporter Sarah Kuta.

Last-minute tips for the BolderBoulder.

Here is another interactive image by Daily Camera higher-ed reporter Brittany Anas.

CU-Boulder's Class of 2013: Born in era of Bill Clinton, 'Baby Got Back' and Rodney King

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