Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Business of Me webinar

Today, I am popping in on a webinar called the Business of Me.

Click here for a self-guided tour of the lesson.

The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism webinar is run by Mark S. Luckie, author of "The Digital Journalist's Handbook." The workshop is designed to teach us how to teach a variety of things, but I'm most curious about how to "brand yourself and project your worth."

My worth? My daddy says I'm worth my weight in gold...
We'll see what Luckie says. Probably not that.

Here is the main question I hope to get answered: I'm curious how to brand yourself without limiting or pigeonholing yourself. And how to keep branding from interfering with the traditional journalistic standards of being an unbiased observer. In other words, how do you draw the line between being a person and being a professional? 

More webinars tomorrow and Thursday, too.

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