Friday, August 23, 2013

How to make a time-lapse sunset Tout on your iPhone

Last night, the sunset was particularly fantastic, which everyone says every day in Colorado.

So I had the simple idea to make a quick time-lapse video of the sun setting, using only my iPhone.
Easier said than done.

This is where I discovered you cannot speed up or slow down time using iMovie for the iPhone. You can't really do much of anything with this relatively useless app, so I might delete it from my phone altogether and yell a little bit.

I downloaded Splice, which does offer the option to speed/slow video. But only by two times. That wasn't quick enough to create the fast, time-lapse I was envisioning. So I ended up speeding up the sunset by two times, saving that video, then speeding up that video by two times -- I did this four times, until I was left with a eight-second time-lapse of a two-minute sunset.

It took way more work than it was worth, although I did discover Splice in the meanwhile.
I'll continue my hunt for a more useful, free or inexpensive video editing app for my iPhone. Any suggestions are welcome.

View the sunset below.

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