Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do you know how to use Twitter's advanced search option?

Before you reflexively answer yes, do you -- really?

I thought I did.

I learned a few tricks and tips at Steve Buttry's social media workshop in our newsroom this morning that will help me use Twitter to its max potential. Give them a try, too.

Here are four bullet points:
  • Bookmark this: https://twitter.com/search-advanced
  • For local crowd-sourcing, type in your city or region's name in the "places" box. The default radius is 15 miles. You can narrow this by typing in "within xx miles."
  • Make sure you enable your location in your Twitter settings. (The default is not enabled.) Also, urge other people to enable their location, because this "places" search only works with accounts that have location enabled.
  • Be creative with keywords you search, and think like a twitter-er. If you're looking for local tweets about a disaster, tragedy or surprising event, consider searching for keywords like "WTF," "OMG" and "holy ish." Except the real word. That I'm not typing here. Because I'm a good girl. Not like Miley, though. OMG. WTF. Holy ish.
Steve Buttry talking about social media, over Charlie's shoulder. As you can see,
Charlie's notes contain the words "WTF." Also, it appears he has a shoe growing
out of his nose, which is what happens when you let writers take photos. 

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