Friday, October 18, 2013

A Timeline of a Timeline class, and other free easy digital tools for journalists

Talk about a tangible new skill to start using today. I just returned from a great workshop by the Knight Lab called "Up your storytelling game with these free tools for journalists."

We learned about:
* Timeline, which is an easy way to build beautiful timelines quickly. So quickly and easily, in fact, that I built a timeline of the Timeline workshop live while watching the workshop. See below.
* SoundCite, which allows you to insert audio clips directly into your text, like this clip from the workshop.
* twXplorer, a new way to search Twitter, broken down by common terms, hashtags and links related to the term you want to search.

View my Timeline below.


  1. As usual, you're awesome. One question. Why is SoundCite better than just using the embed from the audio clip you uploaded to Soundcloud?

    1. SoundCite doesn't take you away from the text to listen to it. It integrates it seamlessly into the story, instead of making it a separate element. Give it a try!