Friday, October 18, 2013

Mind blown: Anticipatory computing.

This is what Amy Webb does to journalists. Well, her and flying droids.  

So. I had to go take a timeout in my room after Amy Webb's presentation at the Online News Association convention today. She shared 10 tech trends for journalists.

My expectations: Hmm, I will probably learn a few nifty new things that may be useful in the future.

My experience: 

That's me, on the right, the last time I recall being this excited.
Amy Webb = Strawberry Shortcake birthday party.
I want to transcribe her entire presentation, but that'd be redundant and also called plagiarism, so here is just one highlight that knocked my socks off.


Webb called this the "ultimate tool for reporters," expected to be available next year. She says every journalist should have an iPad on her desk constantly running Mindmeld, especially during interviews.

What it does? This is the beginning of "anticipatory computing." It listens to our conversation (or interview) and populates the screen with facts, articles and background information relevant to what we're discussing, in anticipation of what we might talk about next.

(Insert astonished Strawberry-Shortcake-birthday-party-face here.) 

For example, if I were reading this blog out loud while writing it, and simultaneously running Mindmeld on my iPad, I could, in theory, turn to my iPad at this very moment to read all about the history of "Strawberry Shortcake." Berry cool.

Oh, man, I did that. Gross.

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