Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is HopTo the solution to Office on the iPad? Nope. Rated: F

It's comical that the iPad still doesn't work well with Office.

As with many people, my entire life is stored on Google Drive. I do my work, finances, budgeting, planning and other oh-so-very-grown-up-sounding stuff there, and I've been searching for years for a free app that allows me to access Drive with the same ease of the web.

There's been a lot of chatter about HopTo lately, so I downloaded it on my iPad.

First impression: Fast. Easy. Nice. Digging it. I added my first Google Drive account. Feeling optimistic.


Um, no option to add multiple accounts? Don't tell me I'm the only person with more than one email address. That's silly. Of course I'm not. I do my newspaper work on one Google Drive and my freelance work on another. And I have my personal work on yet another.

This seems logical. I can't let my freelance and newspaper work overlap. Even though Facebook has almost entirely removed the need for personal email, I still have one. I use the Drive to plan parties, make cleaning checklists, write for fun.

A quick research blast revealed to me that HopTo does not currently allow access to more than one Google Drive at once.

Making it completely useless to me. Deleting it from my iPad. The hunt continues.

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