Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Momentage instead of Instagram? Rated B+ and growing on me.

When the folks at Momentage approached me, claiming their photo app was better than Instagram, I was soooo very convinced that it took me about three months to try it out. I finally downloaded the free app, and instantly my phone started crashing and the log in process kept messing up and I got annoyed and didn't touch it again for a few more days.

When I picked it back up, it worked like a fancy little gemstone, and I have been fiddling with it ever since.

No clue what the problem was when I downloaded it.

Here's why it's cool: Quite simply, it creates "moments" or collections of photos instead of posting one single photo at a time. If you are detail-oriented like me, this will make your insides get all giddy and do jazz hands.

How to use it: As a fashion columnist, I know I suck at taking OOTDs (outfit of the days) and doing makeup tips, but I've recently decided to step it up. I've been looking for the right way to present it (other than reviving my old blog, which simply takes up too much time), and Momentage works perfectly. It allows me to post a series of pictures on the same topic to get into the details of an outfit or makeup look.

It's easy. It has built-in filters. Add a headline and short description. Post on Twitter or Facebook. Takes a few minutes to capture an OOTD, compared with the longer process of putting it on a blog, which readers must s-c-r-o-l-l through.

You can also add audio clips to pictures and include videos in the collage, which is kind of fun.

Where else to use it: I could see this app useful for almost any story that's vaguely visual. Christmas lights. A football game. A birthday party. The tulips on Pearl Street. A new business. A fitness class. Recipes and cooking. A how-to for making seasonal cocktails. Getting a tattoo. Basically, any moment. Hence. The. Name. Duh.

Where it needs help: This app crashes. I know it's new, but when something crashes on me, I have the immediate tendency to quit and do something else. Luckily, the photos automatically save to your stream (the unedited and edited versions), and it really only takes 5 seconds to click on them and make the collage again. But still.

In addition:

  • I would love to see a way to embed photo collages onto a webpage. 
  • I can't figure out how to search Momentage users online, which is why I can't link to my page here. 
  • It's still not used by a ton of people. In fact, I couldn't find a single person I know on Momentage. 
  • I can't figure out how to change a thumbnail on the collage, so in my latest makeup tutorial, I got stuck with this awkward third-eye extreme close-up shot. 

Instead of:

The bottom line: Momentage needs some work, but it's a great idea. And even though I have no friends on Momentage at the moment, I still find myself addicted to flipping through strangers' photo collages. Friend me there and maybe we can figure out how to make this truly become better than Instagram: @Aimeemay.

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