Thursday, November 21, 2013

The great yoga pants test

My Lululemon pants in action, third yogi in.

In light of the Lululemon controversy (understatement), and due to the fact that 99 percent of the clothes that 99 percent of Boulder County wears are yoga pants (also understatement), I decided to fuse my fashion column with my fitness review background for this Sunday's Life & Arts section.

Read the coverage here: "Getting our (yoga) panties in a wad." 

At the heart of the criticism is Lululemon's assertion that the only reason their yoga pants don't hold up over time is because of the not-fit-enough bodies wearing them -- not the quality of product.

It made me wonder: How do Lululemon pants -- the most expensive brand I know -- stand up next to other popular, less expensive brands?

Enter: The great yoga pants test.

With the help of my intelligent and informed friend and dance teacher, Renu Gupta, we reviewed seven popular brands of yoga pants worn over the course of two years, rating their various features, from sheerness to pilling to "cantaloupe factor" (how nice your butt looks -- because, well, let's be honest here).

My Under Armour pants enjoying aerial yoga.
I couldn't include every brand ever created -- just the ones I've tried. I do wish I'd included my Under Armour pants, but they're only six months old. (If they're still looking this good in a year and a half, they'll be my new faves.)

I wanted to put this information in the shape of an online infographic, and I played with plenty of great websites, including But after too much time there, I returned to good ol' trusty Prezi's interactive images, because they simply offered more -- including the zooming feature, crucial to closely examining the crotches of my various yoga pants.

My digital journalism lesson: Interactive images still beat static infographics in many cases.

My fashion and fitness lesson: Fill your closet with inexpensive Champions and splurge on a few Athleticas.

What do you think?


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