Friday, February 7, 2014

Well, that's a GIANT problem I never anticipated.

I lost 1,000 Twitter followers in one hour yesterday.
For no reason.
These were real people who I know in real life, suddenly automatically forced to unfollow my feed.
This is a huge problem for someone who relies on social media for communication and sharing of articles.
I emailed Twitter's support crew but have not received any response. I began searching the web and found this may be a more widespread problem. Other people report the same thing happening to them.
The most frustrating thing is the feeling of frustration and powerlessness, because what can I do about this? Knock on Mr. Twitter's door and ask him to fix the glitch? There's not a human to be found.

The downside of relying on technology hits like a kick to the gut.

This is Twitter, coming straight toward my face with a ninja kick.

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